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Hamm H7i P

Single drum roller with excellent hill climbing ability thanks to a self-locking differential

The Hamm H7i P is a single drum roller with excellent hill climbing abilities thanks to a self-locking differential and continuously-variable all-wheel drive. Paired with full traction control and exceptional engine performance, take on rough terrain and uneven sites with ease.

Like the Hamm H5i, the H7i is ideally suited to larger areas of cut-and-fill material or for bulk compaction of as-raised material. Featuring a compaction force of up to 7584 Kg/M, it can take on the most demanding of heavy-duty jobs. It is perfect for use in the construction of road formations, large industrial building bases and large pipeline applications. It is equally useful for clay puddling within lakes and ponds and for the construction of dams.

The H7i P includes a fully-enclosed, climate-controlled cab to protect the operator from the elements while still providing excellent visibility to ensure site safety.

Product specification

Operating weight: 6410kg
Maximum centrifugal force: 12.742kN
Drum width: 1680mm
Height of pad foot: 80mm
Hamm H7i P

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Product features

  • Infinitely-variable hydrostatic drive
  • Traction control
  • Fully-enclosed operators cab
  • High engine performance
  • High gradeability
  • Clear instrument panel
  • Ergonomic driver's seat
  • Adjustable sliding and swivelling seat
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Self-locking differential
  • New articulation and cooling systems
  • Optimum visibility

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