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A single drum roller with hydrostatic articulated steering.

With a 1200mm wide roller and a weight of 3390Kg, this BOMAG roller is perfect for heavy compaction work. Unique dual pump drive allows you to take on challenging terrain while providing excellent gradeability.

Equipped with the right blades, the BW 124 is also suitable for specials tasks: e.g. distribution and backfilling in trenches or true-to-profile installation of earthwork
materials in excavation and application sections.

The BW 124 single drum roller is a versatile machine and is ideal for use in confined spaces on small and medium-sized construction projects. Easy to transport and relocate on site, it also achieves considerably larger surface coverage than compaction plates.

Product specification

Operating weight: 3390kg
Centrifugal force: 85kN
Drum width: 1200mm
Rammax RW3005

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Product features

  • Maintenance-free articulated joint
  • Excellent accessibility of all machine parts
  • Fulfils exhaust classification TIER 4 final
  • ECOMODE as standard saves fuel
  • Robust lashing rings
  • Easy crane loading – on the construction site too
  • Unique dual pump drive
  • Excellent traction

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