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Rammax RW2400

Ride on sheepsfoot roller for larger compaction jobs.

The Rammax RW2400 is a ride-on sheepsfoot roller perfect for compacting large areas. Suitable for cohesive and mixed materials, it is popular for use on large trenches, such as gas and water mains and sewers.

Clear sides allow the roller to work to the edge of the trench, and a skid steer design means it can fully rotate within its own length. This is particularly useful for more technical jobs where a high level of precision is required.

With fully-hydrostatic travel, vibration and steering drives, rather than drive belts, it is a rugged machine that requires minimal maintenance aside from standard engine servicing. This means less unexpected down time, and the confidence that you can tackle whatever the job throws at you.

The roller has a weight of 2400Kg and is available in 1200mm and 1100mm drum widths. It is available from TCP locations across the UK.

Product specification

Operating weight: 2400kg
Centrifugal force: 8.6kN
Drum widths: 1100mm and 1200mm
Manouverability: Turns within its own length
Rammax RW2400

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Product features

• Powerful diesel engine
• Fully hydrostatic travel, vibration and steering drives
• Maintenance - free, apart from routine diesel engine servicing
• No V-Belts, toothed drive belts, lubrication points, clutch or other parts subject to wear and requiring maintenance
• Skill steers (turn 360 degrees within its own length)
• 2 operating widths (1100mm and 1200mm)
• Flush rolling on both sides - can reach the edge of the trench
• High gradability
• Solar-powered infrared remote control available on this model (Controlled up to 15 metres)

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